Plotter de Impresión y Corte UCJV150-160

Impresión y Corte integrado, asequible

  • El plotter de impresión y corte Mimaki UCJV150-160 es una solución ideal para impresores comerciales, de rótulos, de envases y embalajes. Gracias a la tecnología de secado UV por led, es posible utilizar un abanico más amplio de soportes (incluidos materiales sin tratar) y muchos films finos que son demasiado sensibles al calor como para poder usarse con sistemas de fijación de tintas látex o de base disolvente.

CATEGORIA: Plotter de Impresión y Corte

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[UCJV150-160] is a versatile inkjet printer having a combined function of both printing and cutting mounted with UV-curable ink.

[UCJV150-160] is an excellent machine  with a good cost performance, focusing on UV LED Print, and Print&Cut functions.
It can respond to varied demands by customers promptly.


Energy Star®

UCJV150-160 Features

Product outlines

  1. On-demand print utilizing UV characteristics
    – Quick access to next processing and sign applying due to UV ink property
    – Wide range of applications
  2. Newly developed environmentally friendly UV ink, [LUS-170] and [LUS-175]
  3. Productive cutting functions. A new function, [ID Cut] will highly improve the work efficiency
  4. Upgraded RIP software, [RasterLink6Plus]
Print headOn-demand piezo head
Print resolution300dpi, 600dpi, 900dpi, 1200dpi
Droplet sizeMin. 7pl, Max. 28pl
Head gap3 degrees adjustment (2.0/2.5/3.0 mm) by manual
Print speed4C Draft mode: 13.4 sqm/h
4C Standard mode: 8.0 sqm/h
InkTypeLED-UV ink: LUS-170
LED-UV ink: LUS-175
*Only available in specific countries
Color4C (C, M, Y, K)
Capacity1L (Bottle supply)
Max. print width1,610 mm (63.4 in)
Max. media width1,620 mm (63.8 in)
Media thickness1.0 mm or less
Media roll outer diameterφ250 mm or less
Media roll weight40 kg or less
Cut speedMax. 300 mm/s (420 mm/s in 45 degrees direction)
Cut pressure10-450 gf
CutterTypesEccentric cutter, Blade for small character, Blade for reflective sheet,
Blade for fluorescent sheet, Blade for PVC with low-pressure
Safety standardVCCI Class A / FCC Class A / Compliant with UL 60950-1, ETL /
CE Marking (EMC, Low voltage, Machinery directive) / RoHS /
InterfaceUSB2.0 / Ethernet 1000 BASE-T
Power supplySingle phase (AC100-120 / 200-240V±10%, 50/60Hz±1Hz)
Power consumptionAC100V: 1.44kW / AC200V: 1.92kW
Operational environmentTemperature: 20-30 degrees (68–86 °F)
Humidity: 35–65% Rh (Non condensing)
Dimensions (W×D×H)2,900 x 776 x 1,475 mm (114.2 x 30.6 x 58.1 in)
Weight183 kg (403.4 lb)

1) Quick access to next processing and sign applying due to UV ink property

With the UV ink property of immediate curing upon UV light irradiation, no drying time is required. The post-processing and sign applying are possible instantly, improving the productivity and receiving an order of short delivery time.

Max. 90% of working time is shortened!

2) Wider application range with UV print

-1- Vibrant print with eye-catching

According to the higher color density of UV than solvent, UV print can create a more vivid color expression. The color brightness of UV is the key to add value to created signs.

Comparison of UV and solvent printer (image)

Comparison of UV and solvent printer (image)

UCJV300/150 can create more vivid expression with a higher color density. High color density print is not easy by solvent as the property of taking time of drying for ink bleeding.

-2- Possible to print wider range of materials for broadening applications

By applying UV ink, not only PVC and tarpaulin, also, other materials difficult to solvent and latex such as fabric, paper and PET film are printable. UV can provide a diverse printing application.

Banners and flags (fabric)

Banners and flags (fabric)

UV ink is good to print fabric as no bleeding because of the quick ink curing upon UV irradiation.

Shoji (sliding paper door—Japanese paper)

Shoji (sliding paper door---Japanese paper)

Paper print such as Japanese paper is also available. Shoji, fan and poster in paper should be fine to print.

Swing P.O.P. (PET film)

Swing P.O.P. (PET film)

Available to print PET film, too. Making both promotional goods and sign boards is an attractive proposal to your clients.

2. Newly developed environmentally friendly UV ink, [LUS-170] and [LUS-175]

[GREENGUARD Gold] certification

Newly developed ink, [LUS-170/175] adaptive to environment, generates hardly VOC and can cure without the irradiation of short wavelength UV. [LUS-170/175] yellow ink is eco-friendly and nickel free though general yellow inks are compounding it. [LUS-170/175] gained the [GREENGUARD Gold] certification, which is based on most strict global standard of chemical substance diffusion.
And its adaption of the criteria is approved by the 3rd party of certification authority.[GREENGUARD Gold] certification assures the product property conforms to schools and medical facilities.
* [LUS-175] is only available in specific countries

3. Productive cutting functions. A new function of [ID Cut] will improve the work efficiency

1) Print & Cut is available by one unit printer


Having high function and high performance cutting, [UCJV300/150-160] is possible to make labels and stickers by one unit.
Several productive cutting functions are prepared to [UCJV300/150-160], which are selectable to suit your job:

  • [Continuous registration mark detection] for consecutive cutting,
  • [Over Cut / Corner Cut] for cutting sharply on preventing an occurrence of uncut,
  • [Intermediate Cut] for a correct cut of long outline by multiple corrections of position with intermediate registration marks,
  • [Register mark of Zero margin] for saving media losses to eliminate the margin between register marks.

And more.

2) A newly equipped function [ID Cut]: Quicker and easier operation

[ID Cut] is a function to print together crop mark and ID for recognition of cutting details and media rotation of job and then cut data of every print data is readable to start the cut automatically.
It saves the labor of confirmation of media direction and no need to have every cut order by operator on the RIP, even in a case of multiple types of small lot cut. It reduces media loss by data transmission error.

ID Cut function (image)

ID Cut function (image)

4. Upgraded RIP software, [RasterLink6Plus]

[RasterLink6Plus] is developed for new functions of the preview confirmation of 4 layers print (*) and [ID Cut] of [UCJV300/150]. Those functions can reduce the number of working process to contribute to improve the work efficiency of customers. Furthermore [RasterLink6Plus] is upgraded to support the version 1.5 or above of PDF data with the further reinforcement of RIP processing functions of [RasterLink6]. An image of PDF data including transparent effect is able to print faithfully as the original.
* The 4 layers print is available by UCJV300 only as the white ink is mountable.

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